VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Make-up Artistry – Portfolio Photoshoot

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Another fantastic enrichment offered by Debut Academy for VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Make-up Artistry students.

Debut Academy has invested a substantial amount of money into enrichments for the academic year 21/22, which is not something we have done in previous years. Our focus is to ensure that these enrichments are effective and beneficial to our students. 

What is an enrichment? 

An enrichment is an extra offering, above and beyond our funded courses standard curriculum. Something that students would not get if they were to enrol at an alternative training academy. 

Why have we done this? 

We have recognised that to support our students in their chosen career path, they would benefit in extra industry related enrichments. Whether this is a kit for them to practice with at home or extra, specialised training, they all are experiences which prepare them for their future careers. 

As part of our VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Make-up Artistry, for our student’s assessment day, we arranged a photoshoot which allows them to start building their portfolios. 

A Make-up portfolio is a collection of photographs that display a makeup artists best work. They are super important and valuable as artists them use these photographs to market themselves, attract new clients and therefore, get more work. 

The photoshoot was arranged at Aztec Studios in Benfleet. A professional, modern environment, perfect to capture our students’ unique moments to treasure forever. 

Our students worked hard, and each created an impressive photographic and fashion look. The next shoot is in December when they will produce a fantasy look.

See our student reviews below: 

“Had a fantastic day! Charlotte is a wonderful tutor who was very helpful and supportive. Leah is a huge inspiration and fantastic makeup tutor. I thoroughly enjoyed my assessment day.”

Louise Sanderson

“The photographic shoot with free photographs is amazing – this will be great to start building up my portfolio.”

Carol Gunfield 

Our VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Make-up Artistry is aimed at learners who wish to pursue a career as an employed and/or self-employed makeup artist. They will be taught the skills to offer a range of makeup services such as applying makeup, camouflage, and airbrush makeup as well as how to promote products and services, understand the relevant anatomy and physiology, health and safety, and cosmetic products and equipment. If you would be interested in joining our next course, follow the link to find out more information and register your interest today: https://www.debutacademy.com/academy/course/level-3-diploma-in-make-up-artistry/