Recruit an apprentice

Are you an employer?  Why should you hire an apprentice?

  • Keep employment costs low; apprentices cost less and deliver more in an ever-increasing competitive industry where the cost of running a business is increasing. 
  • Save on National Insurance contributions on all candidates aged under 25 AND receive cash bonuses if under 18. 
  • Robust and selective processes to ensure the correct talent is matched to your business needs, ensuring excellent retention rates and lowering the risk of wasting time on the wrong candidates. 
  • Bespoke training plans, agreed at the start of programme to meet specific needs and improve the standards and ambitions of each placement. 
  • Our rolling intake caters and meet your needs and timescales, quickly and efficiently. 

Benefits of hiring an apprentice with Debut Training Academy:

  • We provide an outstanding service and we are committed to delivering quality education and training.
  • The employer is at the forefront of our curriculum as we believe all employers should be in the driving seat of their apprentices learning journey.
  • Our formula for outstanding skills and expertise is tried and tested.
  • We provide a blended delivery model to support both the employer and apprentice’s needs.
  • We are here ever step of the way to ensure funding and paperwork is completed and applied for correctly and initiated effectively.
  • Professional and dedicated staff who work closely with the employer to ensure an excellent outcome.

What have our employers said about us?:

” Debut Training Academy supports both me and my apprentice during the programme.  They always strive for the best out of my apprentice and keep me informed at every step” 

“I work very closely with Debut, any problems or issues that arise, we will work it out together with each others support”

“I have been really impressed with Debut coming out to do performance reviews and assessments.  I’m impressed with Debut delivery safeguarding topics and what would need to be done if my apprentice needs help”. 

“Debut Training Academy provides hands on live training for apprentices, salon visits and constructive feedback”.

If you would like to know more, please email or call or 01268 560 552.