Maths to Boost your Confidence – Multiply


We’re thrilled to collaborate with Multiply, who have provided us with funding to assist 19+ learners struggling with numeracy skills. Thanks to this funding, we can offer additional in-class and online lessons to all our students. Our program includes a bespoke workbook which explores relevant ideas and activities for learners to start their own business providing services to their customers using a range of relevant math-based topics. We’re here to help you gain a better understanding of numeracy, boost your confidence, and enhance your skills. Our lessons are tailored to cater to learners who do not possess a Level 2 qualification in math, so we encourage informal discussions and welcome any and all questions. Please note even if you do have a level 2 qualification but you have lost confidence or would like to attend these you are more than welcome.

How can you get involved in these extra lessons and extra support? These classes are included in your vocational lessons and will be delivered by either Charlotte or Bobbie in person. The online lessons are delivered by Bobbie and you will receive an invitation link with the time and date you can attend. There are also bitesized videos on our website where you can practise on your own. More videos coming soon.

Working through these activities