Radio Vibes – Multiply

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I was extremely excited to be invited to discuss our maths collaboration with Multiply to get our lovely learners excited, confident and using everyday maths in their personal and their business lives. It was my first time on the radio – BBC Live with Rob Jelly, who was a brilliant DJ and put you at ease.

So how does this work? All our learners that are 19 and above who are completing a qualification with us, we will provide you with extra support, using funding from Multiply, to work through maths lessons, using a bespoke workbook where you will look at opening your own business and what sort of things you need to work out for example, your profits and loss, how much money you need to earn per month to make a profit, how many clients you need per week to make a profit. Maths is hard for most of us, so we try to find an easy and relatable way for you to use maths so it is not so scary and the more you use it the easier it will become.