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Wow!! On the radio again – we were very excited and pleased to be invited to attend the radio event with Johnny Jenkins at Gateway Radio in Basildon to discuss Debut Training Academy Limited – sorry everyone I am not the best as I get very nervous, but just wanted to let everyone know; we have excellent, passionate staff who go above and beyond to train all our learners who range from 16 years old to over 50 years old! We welcome everyone and we strive to provide funding, support, resources and the qualification you need to meet your goals and aspirations. At Debut Training Academy we love what we do and we want to inspire all our learners and employers to build our industry on the highest of standards and improve our community, open doors for businesses, be there to train and support.

Kersti pretending she was famous for the day (ha!ha!)
We were invited to Gateway to discuss our Good Employer (Gold) Award
Kersti discussed the Multiply Initiative that we are so proud to be part of