Kersti Harding

Kersti Harding

Business Development Director

Kersti started her journey as an older learner in beauty, completing all her training with Debut Training Academy.  Kersti worked in a beautiful spa…

Kersti began her career in beauty as an older learner, completing all her training with Debut Training Academy. She worked in a spa and built her mobile business before going on to complete further qualifications. She was then offered a job teaching at Debut Training Academy and has since worked her way up the ladder. Kersti’s passion to see others succeed has led her to offer guidance and support to both staff and learners, while developing relationships with stakeholders to help Debut Training Academy excel in all areas and offer excellent training and career opportunities to all learners.

Something you may not know about Kersti:

“I am from Zimbabwe not South Africa (haha).  When I was young, I was in the Woman’s Snooker League for my town, we had great fun, as well as access to the Men’s Only clubs, which tickled us girls to be allowed in.  I love the outdoors, my favourite things to do are swimming in the sea and/or being in Africa”.